Intro to Vehicles searches

by Sam Valenza

The sport of Nosework teaches your dog to search, detect, and indicate specific odors such as birch and clove. The training methods used are purely positive and use many of the same techniques as for law enforcement, SAR, and DOD Military K9s. Rewarding target odor when Fido finds with high value toys or food. Whether training for competition or just entertainment, nosework is an activity that will stimulate your dog's brain, build confidence, and enhance the ability to focus and maintain attention. Every dog that is motivated by a toy or food, whether shy or bold, large or small, old or young, active or sedentary, obedient or wild, can enjoy and learn from Nosework.

  • Date: Sunday July 22nd, 2018 8AM - Noon

  • Venue: Philadelphia Area Transportation Company with over 300 vehicles on 3+ Acres.

  • Shaded Parking for the dogs

  • Guaranteed 6 vehicle searches for each dog.

  • Working Spots limited to 12 Dogs

  • $50 per working spot

  • No Audit Spots available

  • Volunteers Welcome


  • Flat collar
  • Pulling harness
  • 6’+ leash (no flexi leashes please)
  • Primary Reward: Toy or Food Reward
  • Crate to secure your dog when not working
  • Dog potty bags
  • Chair
  • 16GB Micro SD Card
  • A well rested and a tad bit hungry dog

Coaching Session may include:

  • Odor imprint/recognition
  • Odor response and commitment
  • How to build pattern
  • How to support while not interfering as a handler
  • Broadening dog's environmental context
  • Recognizing body language in target odor vs. in distraction odors
  • Using the wind in your favor
  • Leash handling (Utilizing various Lengths)
  • Use of toy rewards & behavior shaping devices
  • Problem solving/troubleshooting
  • Exact agenda based upon the experience & skill level of the group.


Thank you for your interest in the very first coaching session for vehicle searches.  We all know how rare practice with vehicles and searches for your dogs.  Now you and your best friend have a great opportunity to practice at a venue that most handlers only dream of.

For the longest time I have been asked to put on a nosework event dealing with only vehicle searches at my family business. This past spring while participating as a volunteer at a local K9 Nosework trial in PA, I approached a judge who is local to the Philadelphia area about the idea of working together to put on a "Vehicle Search Coaching Session."  Together we were able to come together to offer you a coaching session that we know you will be back for again.  Given that the date is in the middle of the summer months, we chose to limit it to twelve working spots, and only a half-day session. 

Upon filling out the below form, we will email you a link to pay via PayPal and a list of further details and location.

Who should attend the coaching session?

Our targeted audience are teams beginning on vehicles, training for NW1, NW1 Certified, those training for NW2 and NW2 Certified.  This session is focused on exposing the novice dog to vehicles and building correct search methods through primary rewards. 

Each member is encouraged to bring their very own SD Card, with a minimum size of 16GB.  Each participant will have the opportunity to review their training video and take home to watch later and help improve your skill set.  Time permitting, we will review training videos as a group to learn from each other team.

Leave your ego in the car!

Our dogs do not realize it is a coaching session, and to them this is just a fun game.  Please come ready to learn with our eyes and ears open and our mouth closed when others are training. We want a fun training environment for the dogs and other participants. 

Anyone interested in volunteering with setup,  breakdown, or dog movement, please email us directly at

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Please give us short description of you dog and your experience with vehicle searches. Start by telling us his strong points. If you know of any areas you would like to see addressed supply this here. Finally tell us if there is anything you would like addressed during your session
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