Vehicle search Coaching Clinic with jacy kelley

Hosted by Mid-Atlantic K9 Services

The sport of Nosework teaches your dog to search, detect, and indicate specific odors such as birch and clove. The training methods used are purely positive and use many of the same techniques as for law enforcement, SAR, and DOD Military K9s. Rewarding target odor when Fido finds with high value toys or food. Whether training for competition or just entertainment, nosework is an activity that will stimulate your dog's brain, build confidence, and enhance the ability to focus and maintain attention. Every dog that is motivated by a toy or food, whether shy or bold, large or small, old or young, active or sedentary, obedient or wild, can enjoy and learn from Nosework.

Thank you for your interest in the second of hopefully many coaching clinics for vehicles.  We all know how rare practice with vehicles and searches for your dogs.  Now you and your best friend have a great opportunity to practice at a venue that most handlers only dream of.  We have decided to bring in some great knowledge and experience to help everyone. Canine Copilots LLC and Jacy Kelley will be here THIS SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2018. Because it is such late notice we heavily discounted the rate. 

About the Coach


Jacy Kelley, CNWI is the owner and lead trainer for Canine Copilots, LLC. Jacy has nearly 20 years of experience working and training dogs. Jacy was a Military Working Dog Handler in the United States Air Force, a Contract Dog Handler for numerous Federal Agencies, and now works primarily with companion dogs.

In 2010, Jacy became the first Certified K-9 Nose Work instructor in the Mid-Atlantic region and had classes in both Maryland and Virginia.

Jacy has instructed at K-9 Nose Work® Camps, is a Certifying Official for NACSW® official trials and is a judge for these trials as well.

Who should attend the coaching session?

Our targeted MORNING audience are teams training to obtain their NW1 titles, specifically on September 15th or October 20th, 2018.  Our targeted AFTERNOON audience are teams training to obtain their NW3 titles, specifically on September 16th or October 21st, 2018. Anyone working a dog in the morning are more than welcome to stay and volunteer or audit in the afternoon. Anyone working a dog in the afternoon session are more than welcome to come early and volunteer or audit in the morning.  Anyone that will be on site in any capacity (working, audit, or volunteer) for the entire day, your coffee and lunch will be included.

This is not to say only those competing on the listed dates above are welcome.  We welcome anyone looking to train and strengthen their skills on vehicles. Please be cognizant when choosing from the drop down box.

  • Date: Sunday September 2nd, 2018 8AM - 5PM

  • NW1 Session: 8AM-12PM (Midday for those English folks)
  • NW3 Session: 1PM-5PM
  • Venue: Bux-Mont Transportation, 726 Fitzwatertown Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090

  • Philadelphia Area Transportation Company with over 300 vehicles on 3+ Acres.

  • Limited shaded parking for the dogs so please come prepared.

  • Working spots limited to 12 dogs per session

  • $125 per working spot

  • Unlimited Audit Spots available ($50 per session)

  • Volunteers Welcome (FREE COFFEE AND LUNCH)

NW3 Requirements:

  • Each vehicle search may contain Birch, Anise, Clove, or even a combination of any of the three odors.
  • Typically on-leash
  • Up to five (5) vehicles
  • Number of hides unknown (up to three (3) Hides)
  • There may be multiple odors on vehicles and a variety of vehicles may be included.
  •  Hides: No more than approximately six (6) feet high.
  • The odor will be accessible to the dog, but the source may not be.

NW1 Requirements:

  • Only Birch may be used in each element
  • On Leash
  • Up to 3 Vehicles
  • One hide per element at this level.
  • Hides: No more than approximately four (4) feet high
  • Handler must call ’Alert’ when the dog has communicated that he has found a hide.
  • The dog is not required to exhibit any specific alert behavior for the alert to be valid.  The judge however will be looking for a change in behavior in the dog. 
  • The source should be accessible to the dog.

Leave your ego in the car!

Our dogs do not realize it is a coaching session, and to them this is just a fun game.  Please come ready to learn with our eyes and ears open and our mouth closed when others are training. We want a fun training environment for the dogs and other participants. 

Anyone interested in volunteering with setup,  breakdown, or dog movement, please email us directly at