Leash Handling & Vehicle Search Weekend with Jacy Kelley

Hosted by Mid-Atlantic K9 Services

The sport of Nose Work® teaches your dog to search, detect, and indicate specific odors such as birch and clove. The training methods used are purely positive and use many of the same techniques as for law enforcement, SAR, and DOD Military K9’s. Rewarding target odor when Fido finds with high value toys or food. Whether training for competition or just entertainment, Nose Work® is an activity that will stimulate your dog's brain, build confidence, and enhance the ability to focus and maintain attention. Every dog that is motivated by a toy or food, whether shy or bold, large or small, old or young, active or sedentary, obedient or wild, can enjoy and learn from Nose Work®.

Jacy is coming back with Mid-Atlantic K9 for a third time and this time he is here for three days of INTENSE fun and learning.  The clinic will cover the importance of the human end of the leash, and how we can influence our dogs in both positive and negative ways.  There will be a lot of hands on leash handling drills for the humans. The second day will continue to stress the importance leash handling and include rare practice with vehicles and searches for your dogs. 

For the first time ever we are having a third day. This day is restricted to those who are NW3 and NW3 Elite teams, unless given prior approval. This day will not be on site. JUST REMEMBER, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! The exact location will be announced closer to the date.

Now you and your best friend have a great opportunity to practice at a venue that most handlers only dream.  Canine Copilots LLC and Jacy Kelley will be here Saturday October 12th, 2019, Sunday October 13th, 2019, & Monday October 14th, 2019.

About the Coach


Jacy Kelley, CNWI is the owner and lead trainer for Canine Copilots, LLC. Jacy has nearly 20 years of experience working and training dogs. Jacy was a Military Working Dog Handler in the United States Air Force, a Contract Dog Handler for numerous Federal Agencies, and now works primarily with companion dogs.

In 2010, Jacy became the first Certified K-9 Nose Work® instructor in the Mid-Atlantic region and had classes in both Maryland and Virginia.

Jacy has instructed at K-9 Nose Work® Camps, is a Certifying Official for NACSW® official trials and is a judge for these trials as well.

Who should attend the clinic and what will be covered?

Everyone can benefit from better leash handling, especially our dogs.  Whether just starting with the sport or an eight year experienced handler, everyone will walk away from this clinic knowing what to do on their own to continue improving their own leash skills.  On Saturday October 12th, 2019 we will cover 8 hours of leash handling drills without dogs and some searches with the dogs in the afternoon.  Working spots will be limited to 15 dogs, while the auditing spots will be unlimited. 

While we call it an auditor, you will still have the opportunity to work on your leash handling skills with a two-legged partner.  Auditors, please bring your current leash you use.  Jacy will discuss the pros and cons of different lengths of leashes.  If you are not sure if you are using the right leash, don't worry because we will have plenty of leashes on hand for you to try.  Mid-Atlantic K9 we will be supplying Jacy with various lengths of leashes to allow YOU to try while on site.   This classroom session will be indoors, while any drills and searches may be inside/outside.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs, and writing utensils.

On Sunday October 13th, 2019 we will continue with the leash drills by incorporating them into vehicle searches.  This is also once again an eight hour clinic with Jacy.  How often do you get to search vehicles varying in sizes.  The location we are utilizing has 300+ vehicles both inside and outside to search.  Jacy takes his time with each team to assess their skills searching  vehicles.  We have plenty of vehicles and plenty of areas to search to ensure everyone will have fun.  Sunday will be limited to 15 working spots and unlimited auditing spots.  Sunday’s auditing spot will be cheaper than Saturday because we mainly searching vehicles. 

For the first time ever we are having a third day. Monday October 14th, 2019 is restricted to those who are NW3 and NW3 Elite teams, unless given prior approval. The price for Monday is higher due to the facility rental fee. This day will not be on site as the first two days. It will be at a remote location and may consist of such elements and scenarios similar to those scene at that level. Scenarios could include a Bus Depot, Train Depot, 75 vehicles on a quarter mile track, a factory warehouse of brand new hospital beds, airport hangers, or a city municipal vehicle lot. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! The exact location will be announced closer to the date. DON’T WANT TO SPOIL THE SURPRISE!!

Spectators, Spouses, Significant Others, Friends, and anyone that comes with you whether staying with the vehicle or not are all considered auditors.


  • Lunch will be provided by Mid-Atlantic K9 and will be included in the price of admission. It will most likely be from Panera Bread.

  • Attendees should bring all necessary equipment to stay comfortable and also keep their dogs cool.

  • If volunteering/auditing one day and working a dog the other day, we prefer the dog not be on location.  This can be discussed privately if the situation arises.


We want our dogs to always find source; do your part to help improve the team with leash handling drills.  We welcome anyone looking to train and strengthen their skills on vehicles. Please be cognizant when choosing from the drop down box.

*3 CEU’s each day for ALL CNWI’s

  • Date: October 12-14, 2019 9AM-5PM

  • Venue: Bux-Mont Transportation, 726 Fitzwatertown Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090

  • Philadelphia Area Transportation Company with over 300 vehicles on 3+ Acres.

  • Limited shaded parking for the dogs so please come prepared.


  • Working spots limited to 15 dogs per day (priority given to those who sign up both days)

  • Earl Bird Special until 6/1/19: $165 single daily working spot ($300 for both days)

  • Saturday/Sunday after 6/1/19: $195 daily working spot ($390 for both days)

  • Unlimited Audit Spots Saturday ($85)

  • Unlimited Audit Spots Sunday ($50)

  • Unlimited Audit Spots Monday ($50)

    Monday October 14th, 2019: NW3/ELITE/SUMMIT Level

  • Earl Bird Special: $200 working spot (until 6/1/19)

  • Regular Pricing after 6/1/19: $275 per working spot

  • Volunteers Welcome (FREE COFFEE AND LUNCH)

Leave your ego in the car!

Our dogs do not realize it is a coaching session, and to them this is just a fun game.  Please come ready to learn with our eyes and ears open and our mouth closed when others are training. We want a fun training environment for the dogs and other participants. 

Anyone interested in volunteering with setup,  breakdown, or dog movement, please email us directly at midatlanticcanine@gmail.com. Monday October 14th, 2019 we will definitely need volunteers and maybe vehicles.

3 Day Leash/Vehicle Clinic with Jacy Kelley
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*Full refund until 6/1/19. 50% Refund until 8/1/19. No refund after 9/1/19

Anyone wishing to attend the Monday course and not NW3 or NW3 Elite, please email us. Please include your experience, expertise, and any useful information. Participants will be considered on a case-by-case basis after consultation with Jacy.

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Since we began advertising this seminar in January 2019, two trials have been approved on the same weekend. There is a NW3/Elite Trial in New Jersey and an Elite Level Trial in New Hampshire. With that being said, we are anticipating some spots to possibly open up.

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