Pet Friendly Department Stores


I encourage everyone to check out 🐾Ollie on Instagram. Ollie was just a puppy when he began his socialization at TJ MAXX. Department stores everywhere are becoming more and more pet friendly. Even though Ollie was in the cart, he was still being exposed to all the different smells, sounds, strangers, and scary novice objects.

Socialization is such an underestimated tool these days. 

Did you know stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, & Homes Good’s are all pet friendly stores. These three stores all have a designated pet area that offer toys and treats at discounted rates. Some of my best dog toys were bought at Home Goods. Don’t wait any longer, start proofing your dog’s behavior and using the skills you learned during training at department stores today.

Listed below are Department/Chain store across the country that permit pets or leave it up to each store to decide whether to allow them. If your dog enjoys meeting new people then grab your MAK9 Dog Leash, some treats, and head out on a shopping adventure. Please make sure your pet is not scared of other people. It is okay for the dog to not be comfortable in public, but over their threshold of fear is not helpful.

Ollie is one of our first ambassadors. If you Want to be a #MAK9er and be featured like Ollie, click here. Visit us at MAK9.COM to order your leashes.